These 3-hour workshops include an informative dialogue with room for Q&A, plus interactive exercises in which everyone can participate. Mini-workshops can be hosted locally in Lake Oswego ($60 per person), or taught on-site at your location. Group organizer or host discounts available. Contact us for details and upcoming events, or to schedule a workshop in your area.

Available Topics:

Introduction to Animal Communication

Everyone has the ability to communicate with animals. It’s a skill that can be taught and developed like any other activity. You are probably already connecting with your pets even if you don’t “hear” them speak! Learn the basics of communicating with animals, including how it works and what it feels like to different people, and its practical application. Then learn to understand and use your intuitive skills through hands-on practice and take-home exercises to help you develop your own gifts.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Build a deeper connection with your horse and the other animals in your life by exploring their perspective of the world. Learn how horses think, experience life, and how they see themselves. Discover how our equine friends feel about riding and relationships so that you can bring more clarity and understanding to your partnership. Then hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth” with an interactive animal communication session where you’ll be able to ask questions directly to a horse about her experience – and yours!

The Equine Divine

Horses possess an inexplicable quality that has magnetized humans for eons. Though physically stronger than a person, the horse allows herself to be dominated and domesticated for human pursuits. She offers infinite compassion and forgiveness for our flaws. Learn about the higher motivations for horses as a species: what moves the horse’s soul, their purpose and passion in being here, why they choose to partner with mankind, and how you can reconnect to your own divine by working with the horse. Each session is tailored to the interests of the group, and may include meditation, equine communication, and/or equine divine lessons for the participants.