Ask a Horse: Gelding

AMBER: Hi Fiona. I’ve been pondering a question about aliveness, domination, and domestication: gelding and spaying horses. I must confess, part of me doesn’t want to know the answer out of my human system of ethical beliefs, but I recognize there is an element of anthropomorphizing to automatically assume anything about this topic. Would you […]

Ask a Horse: Death

Amber: Today’s topic came about after I witnessed a squirrel meet his demise in the back yard. He was a frequent and distinct guest, and it was difficult to watch the physical process of his death, even though I understand animals view the subject quite differently. I decided to ask Fiona about the matter. Fiona: […]

Fiona’s Story

Fiona is Amber’s equine friend, dressage partner, and guru horse extraordinaire. She plays an integral role helping Amber in her healing and intuitive work, and serves as an equine guide for horses during soul healing and communication sessions. Though her story was one of hardship and pain, Fiona’s journey served as the inspiration for equine […]