Ask a Horse: Gelding

AMBER: Hi Fiona. I’ve been pondering a question about aliveness, domination, and domestication: gelding and spaying horses. I must confess, part of me doesn’t want to know the answer out of my human system of ethical beliefs, but I recognize there is an element of anthropomorphizing to automatically assume anything about this topic. Would you […]

Looking to Horses for Healing

Anyone who spends a reasonable time around horses can attest to the special qualities of warmth and peacefulness that emanate from our equine friends. Horses just have an intangible goodness to them that we want to be around. Horse-aided therapies, rehabilitation programs, leadership and personal development training, and even healing sessions are becoming common place […]

Barn Rules

Every barn has a list of rules which protect the safety of horses, riders, and guests on the property. Many of these dictations seem like common sense to horse people, but non-equestrians often find them surprising. Nevertheless, they improve the environment and experience of all participants when followed correctly. I reflected on this concept for […]