The following is an overview of services. You may find what you’re looking for here, or perhaps you’re not sure what that might be. As a horse shaman, I specialize in stretching the realm of what’s “possible,” so contact me if you would like some guidance for your situation or to inquire about an appointment for your horse. In addition to my intuitive skills, I’m a lifelong horse person, pony clubber, and former assistant trainer and barn manager for an upper level eventer. This background enables me to help you translate the information from your horse into practical training and management solutions.

Animal Communication & Medical Intuitive | Best Fit Matching Services | Hands-on-Healing | Soul Healing / Trauma Release

Animal Communication & Medical Intuitive Sessions

Have you ever mused, “If only my horse could tell me what’s happening?” Here’s your chance. Get to the heart of emotional, behavioral, physical, and relationship challenges by going straight to the source: your horse. In addition to opening the lines of communication through energetic “dialogue” with the animal, these intuitive readings take it a step farther by offering a comprehensive, holistic overview of the horse. Most sessions include areas of pain, their ties to stress or other environmental sources, and suggestions for avoiding or minimizing these challenges in the future, as well as recommendations for training approaches that align with your animal’s inner makeup. Sessions may be conducted remotely via the phone, or arranged as on-site visits. Animal communication and medical intuitive services are an ideal complement to your horse’s care regimen to ensure his health and happiness.


Every animal, like every person, has a complex makeup which drives their behavior, temperament, and bodily condition. Elements of stress, physical issues, emotional traumas, instinctual urges, personality, soul purpose, and socialization all come together to create the individual as you know him or her. In order to truly address any challenges your horse or pet might be facing, you must understand the underlying factors which contribute to the situation. The most surface elements, like emotional or behavioral outbursts, usually have roots far deeper than the superficial level – or else you wouldn’t need an animal communicator to help solve the problem. Most dilemmas you will face with your animals revolve around the symptom, not the source, of the issue.

For this reason, animal communication readings are offered in hour long sessions rather than shorter intervals. About half of that time is spent in direct connection with your horse or pet, putting together the puzzle of the animal’s present condition to determine what might be out of balance and how it can be corrected. For horses, the list of possible sources for imbalances is quite extensive as it includes riding, training, farriery, and additional environmental factors to which other pets aren’t subject. For example, if your horse expresses severe anxiety when asked to canter, the problem could be anything from physical discomfort (not all of which your vet may be able to detect) to rider tension to past trauma to the condition of the arena – and beyond. The very topmost trigger may be the rider’s cue to canter, which stimulates an anxiety reaction that may or may not be related to cantering at all! Only by taking the time to thoroughly investigate the animal’s condition can the underlying source, and therefore a solution, be found.

If your horse hasn’t experienced a reading with me yet, his or her first session will be an introductory appointment. While you will still get to address your main questions, these extended sessions allow for a thorough overview of the horse’s health and happiness to be used as a baseline for progress and future sessions. Though most animal communication sessions include a medical intuitive component to review the animal’s physical state, the introductory session allows for additional exploration of health concerns as well as saddle fit, farriery, and other pertinent issues.

After the introductory appointment is complete, you can schedule regular, one-hour sessions to address new problems or monitor your animal’s progress. Companion animals like dogs or cats can use a one-hour session for their first appointment, though time spent over one hour will be charged accordingly, if applicable.

Written follow-up sessions are available for any animal who has completed a session within the past year. These sessions are conducted via e-mail without a set appointment time, and include an update on the matters addressed in the previous session or other, ongoing issues. These sessions are ideal for animals in rehab or those undergoing a wellness regimen of any sort, as well as to check on chronic problems without the expense of a full reading. You may include a few questions to ask your animal during this session, but you will be redirected toward a full reading if the answer is complex.

Phone and e-mail sessions are conducted remotely via a photo. You will be asked to provide this image when you schedule your appointment to allow for an easy energetic connection to the animal. The photo should be from within the past few years (as opposed to a baby photo), and should show your animal as the main subject. It’s preferable to have a good example of the animal’s general demeanor, but most images will work, including photos of horses under saddle or competing.

Sessions can also be scheduled on-site at your home or barn. See the Rates toggle for details.


Performance horses require ongoing attention and careful detail to their physical and mental wellbeing, so many clients choose to connect with their horses through animal communication sessions regularly as a form of preventative maintenance and to ensure that their animals are in top shape for their jobs. However, the ability to get the inside scoop directly from the animal has many wide-ranging uses to assist you in your riding and other animal endeavors, such as:

Mystery Pain & Behaviors: Your trainer’s stumped, your vet’s stumped, and you’re at your wits’ end: what is causing this issue? Is your horse (or other animal) reacting to pain? Does he have emotional trauma or stress? Does she just hate her job? Is something spooking him? Find out what’s really going on and what you can do to solve it.

Pre-Purchase Consultation: Ever wish you could “look under the hood” before you buy a horse to see what might show up in your partnership? Now you can! Reveal detailed information about the horse’s personality, skill set, outlook on life and people, and desire to work toward your goals, as well as areas of pain or discomfort to explore during your veterinary pre-purchase examination.

Riding Reading: If you’ve ever sought a more heartfelt, meaningful relationship with your horse under saddle, now you can deepen your experience together. Many people feel stymied or disconnected with their horses while riding, unable to achieve the unity and kinship they seek by partnering with horses. During a riding reading, you will receive feedback from your horse to improve your communication and connection as well as an energetic perspective about your challenges and blocks. Incorporating energy and intuitive work into your riding opens the door not only to success under saddle, but a meaningful expression of oneness between horse and rider.

Rehoming Evaluation:  Just as we may outgrow human relationships, sometimes our equine partnerships seem to reach an impasse or may simply need to come to an end. Find out from your horse what he or she would like in life and in a new partner so that you can both move on to a happy and healthy endeavor.

Major Changes & Decisions: Get your horse’s perspective to best help him or her transition through changes to the environment or people in his/her life with minimal stress. Ideal for major moves, changing trainers, new riders, discipline changes, or lifestyle adjustments due to health or age needs, like retirement.

Riding or Training Sessions: Are you and your horse struggling with a certain concept, stuck in an issue you can’t resolve, or just can’t seem to get on the same page? Connect with your horse while you ride or work with him/her to receive continual feedback and problem-solving solutions straight from the horse’s mouth.

Non-Equine Animals: Though horses are my specialty, I welcome opportunities to work with all types of animals. Feel free to arrange an appointment for your dog, cat, guinea pig, tortoise, or any other being who blesses your life.

Animals Who Have Crossed Over: These sessions are primarily for those who seek resolution or feel conflicted about their friend’s passing, or for children who are struggling or wondering about the death of an animal. Animals who have crossed over tend to be joyful, exuberant beings, full of love and forgiveness for our human foibles.

2017 Animal Communication Rates

Phone & E-mail Readings

Introductory Session: $150 per horse*
1 Hour Session (for established clients): $100, +$25 per 15 minutes of overtime if applicable
E-mail Follow Up Session (for previously-identified issues): $60

*Companion animals and other pets may use a standard 1 hour session for their introduction.

On-Site Sessions At Your Facility

On-Site Introductory Session: $170
On-Site 1 Hour Session (for established clients): $120; 2 horse minimum at the same barn OR $30 farm call within the Portland Metro Area
Riding Reading (see description under “Applications” toggle): $150; farm call fee may apply

Regular visits are made to the Seattle area and other parts of the Northwest. Contact me to discuss arranging a visit to your region.

On-Site Session Benefits:

  • You can observe the animal’s reactions and interactions
  • You can see and feel the specific areas of concern for pain and medical issues, and witness the animal’s sensitivity and reaction level
  • You can receive information about the horse’s environment and care as they occur, offering a deeper level of understanding
  • You can receive direct feedback when trying out saddles for fitting purposes
  • You can receive direct feedback while riding to work through challenges or improve communication
  • Hands-on-healing is available in-person if it is a match for the animal in question

Best Fit Matching Services

Every animal is an individual who responds differently to the people and products in her life. The brightest farrier or trainer might work wonders with one horse, yet not connect with another simply due to differing needs. Finding the right match for your horse or pet is essential to his health and happiness, but it’s not always easy to know who or what to use, especially if you receive conflicting information. Now, through this intuitive Matching Service, you can discern who or what the best candidates are for your horse’s unique situation and challenges. Wade through the plethora of vets, bodyworkers, farriers, trainers, saddles, supplements, exercise riders, and more by honing in on the people and products most beneficial your horse.

Each person or product will be ranked on a 1-10 scale in accordance with how good of a match they are for helping your particular animal. This allows you to save time, energy, and money, plus wear and tear on your horse, by focusing your efforts toward those most likely to meet your needs. You can also identify the best match for your group of horses, or receive the information you need to evaluate whether using a different person or product for each horse is the right choice. You can even ask about the best fit for you and your horse as a team, which is useful if you are considering a new trainer or program, so that both of you are set upon the path to success. All you need to provide is a list of the candidates you’re considering, some relevant information about your goals, and sometimes a photo of the options (usually just for saddles or bits).

2017 Matching Services Rates

Best Fit Matching Services: $25 per 15 minutes; expect approximately 1-2 minutes per list item

Intuitive matching services may be included as part of your animal communication session if time allows, or may be purchased separately. All clients are welcome to check in via e-mail occasionally with a few names or products to test (max 5 or so) free of charge in support of happy horsekeeping.


Eliminate pain at the source with extremely powerful, kinesthetic healing that restores the horse’s energy and body. Visual changes to alignment, posture, demeanor and sensitivity are observable for every horse. Hands-on-healing is particularly useful for difficult-to-treat areas, soft-tissue injuries, body issues that require rebalancing beyond the capacity of chiropractic or massage, and physical conditions which are linked to emotional sources (i.e. anxiety, trauma, stress), as it is non-invasive and works with the natural rhythms of the body to restore physical health and wellbeing. Sessions are conducted on-site, and may be combined with an animal communication reading.

2017 Hands-on-Healing Rates

Hands-on-Healing: Available as a progressive program. Inquire for details.

Stress & Trauma Release / Soul Healing

All of these shamanic services offer a progressive path of understanding and depth with our equine companions. Through animal communication sessions, you and your horse share an understanding that crosses species’ lines, so that you may continue to grow in closeness and awareness of each other’s nature. Through hands-on healing, we release the resistance and physical discomfort that inhibits the fullness of your relationship together, restoring the body to wellbeing. The next step along this path is to help you develop these skills and understandings yourself, if you so choose, so that you can bring this awareness to all of your relationships with your animal friends. You may accomplish this through workshops or ongoing training.

The culmination of this journey with the horse lies in not just in understanding or improvement, but in healing the very wounds of self and soul which impact the body and mind. This is healing of the emotions, of the heart, and of the fundamental energetic patterns which make up the essence of all living beings. In this way, stress, anxiety, and mental pain – that which we can’t heal simply by healing the body – falls away to allow us to be who and what we were meant to be. This work may be performed with horses or people, restoring the deepest and most balanced self that exists below emotions. It is the reconnection of self to soul, the highest calling of a shaman.

Please note that medical intuition, animal communication, and healings of any sort are not a substitute for veterinary care, diagnosis, or treatment, so you are always advised to consult a veterinarian regarding your animal’s health and treatment options. Always seek immediate veterinary care for animal emergencies and suspected health concerns.