Coming Home to the Earth

This piece of Horse Wisdom is brought to you from Fiona.

Have you ever walked barefoot? When you do, you can feel the rhythms of the earth under your feet. Feel how she breathes as you do. Feel how she caresses your leg with the grass. Feel how she tousles your hare with her breezes. This is true love. This is the love we horses feel all around us. This is the love we bring to you, and hope that you might share. It is always available to you. When you’re around us, you reconnect to this love – this sweet nectar of the planet. You feel at home, because you feel mother nature in our soft coats and you smell her in our breath. We carry you home when you’re with us.

But you don’t need to find this feeling only at the barn. You can bring it with you in your waking hours, just as we do when we are not in contact with the planet. Take a breath. It always starts with breath. Release the now, the what is, and ask for mother earth to fill you up. Her heaviness grounds you, bringing you back to your body and yourself. She is always, always here for her. Remember her blue skies and they are in your eyes. Remember her sweet smells and they are in your lungs. Remember the touch of her hand and it is in your body. The earth is all around you. She is part of you. Open your heart to the earth and let her fill you with peace. Then you, too, can be as happy as a horse.

I, Amber, had the visceral sensation of grass between my feet when Fiona described, this, so I asked her if this sensation of connection was meant literally. “Is physically walking on the earth important?”

Yes, very. You release stagnant energy when you do. Most of you carry this around, an airy heaviness as if you had never fully exhaled. If you ever have swollen calves or feet, this may be why, for all swelling in the body is stagnant energy. When you walk on the earth, you shed that which you no longer need. You release that which no longer serves you. Walk barefoot and be reunited with your wholeness and your higher purpose.

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