The Usual Suspects: 10 Common Culprits for Equine Health Mysteries

As an animal communicator, I receive a lot of calls from folks who are stumped about their horse’s behavior or health. Either they have drained their bank accounts working with the vet to try to identify possible sources for their horse’s discomfort and have come up empty-handed, or they are flummoxed by persistent disobedience that […]

Ask a Horse: Death

Amber: Today’s topic came about after I witnessed a squirrel meet his demise in the back yard. He was a frequent and distinct guest, and it was difficult to watch the physical process of his death, even though I understand animals view the subject quite differently. I decided to ask Fiona about the matter. Fiona: […]

Ask a Horse: Shoeing

Have you ever wanted to ask a horse how they feel about a particular subject? Now’s your chance! Hear about horse-keeping and equestrian subjects straight from the horse’s mouth. These segments are conducted interview-style between Amber and equine advice extraordinaire Fiona, or a guest horse. Have a question or a topic you’d like to know […]