Ask A Horse: Partnering with Humanity

AMBER: For this week’s Ask A Horse, I felt like Fiona had a topic she would like to share. It feels like a continuing conversation from our recent blogs together, which makes sense as there is much to discuss about the nature of connection and our relationships with horses. Fiona, what is your message?

FIONA: It’s a wonderful subject. I’m glad you asked. I would like to share with you a little more about how horses think and perceive the world. It may help you to better understand us and how we work.

When I look at the world around me, I see a blend of energies and their physical representations. You call these trees, grass, fences, barns, people, deer, and all other matter and beings. That is your way of viewing and understanding the world. We horses see things somewhat differently. We see pieces of a whole, and intertwined web. We see and understand the relationships between these energies around us, and how interacting with one ripples throughout the web of the surrounding area and even the world. We feel these ripples when they are initiated by others, and perceive how our own echo through the environment. That is how we know we are connected to All Life. That is how we know our place in the world.

You do not see yourselves in this interconnected way. You see yourselves as isolated, alone, in a box where nothing touches you. You see yourselves as independent of the world around you, your own force moving through the planet that is not impacted or impacting any other. You believe you operate in a vacuum, and that your actions are your own; they do not affect those around you.

There is no wrongness in your vision of the world, but it does limit our ability to interact together because we have such different perspectives. When a horse encounters a being who acts in perceived isolation, without regard for their impact on the Interconnectedness of Living Things, they would be banished from the herd for they are unsafe to be around. That individual has lost their mind, the herd believes, because they have lost touch with what gives them life and the very breaths they take. We turn our backs to them, not out of hate, but out of self-preservation, so that they may find their way back to the bosom of All-That-Is through the kind embrace of death. That is how things go in the wild, where the Interconnectedness of All Things reins.

Even the panther respects this interconnectedness. He feeds, yes, but has an intrinsic understanding of this connection which he honors with his kill. He understands his role in this web, his impact on the lives he takes. It does not mean he is not very cat-like, for that is still his nature, be he operates under the same umbrella of shared feeling, of relationship between things, that the rest of the wild world does.

AMBER: So what does this mean about the relationship between horses and people? I know that many humans lack awareness for what you speak. We might refer to it as being present, empathy, awareness, awake, or other names.

FIONA: Yes, many humans are so far unconscious of this connection and interdependent relationship that they are not even aware that it’s something they are missing. Most horses find that strange when they are first around humans. It would be like for you to gaze upon someone who doesn’t have a head, who seems perfectly oblivious to the fact that they lack this key component for living! There is some humor in that, certainly, but there is also some discomfort on our part. How can we partner with you when you do not have awareness for your Interconnectedness to All That Is?

We cannot banish you from our herd because we are in captivity, though some horses do this by refusing to be caught or ridden. Those horses are usually suffering from pain or other discomfort. Healthy horses find this more as a puzzle, because unlike in the wild where such disconnection would be a state of alarm, your seeming contentedness in this state presents a paradox to the horse. We find it confusing and somewhat perplexing that you can walk around like that, so oblivious to the energies you create and the ripples you make in reality. But nonetheless, you do, and we as a species and as individuals must find a way to connect with you in your state of disconnection. You must not take this as a criticism; this state of disconnection is what most of you came in to live. Finding your way back to awareness is the journey of many beings.

AMBER: That makes complete sense. I remember many years ago when I was sitting in the pasture watching you graze, and you walked up to me and placed your muzzle on the top of my head. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, it was like seeing the world anew. The world was alight with color and brightness I had never seen. The trees seemed to glow, the grass had inner fire, and all was breathtakingly beautiful as One. We were part of this light and joy.

FIONA: Yes, that was so you would see how I see the world, how I feel and perceive it, and the beauty of not only the wild kingdom, but your own. For you have lead us to the meat of this conversation. It is not about what you humans lack, or to blame or punish you for being disconnected. It is about how we work with you to open your eyes anew.

This is the sacred mission upon which most horses embark. For you see, a funny thing happens when you enter our presence. Unlike the wild horses who would lose their connection and diminish, humans do the opposite. When paired with our deep Interconnection to All That Is, you regain your own. You light up. We see it within you, like a candle flame that bursts into light. It is beautiful to behold. You, Amber, see this with your own spiritual work, when you connect with others. You light the flames within them. We horses realized we could to this, that our connection was so strong that we could light up the human race. In our partnership, we wake up the land. We wake up the Earth. We wake up the souls inside you.

Most horses are not conscious of this partnership, just as most people are not. It is important to note that not every human gets around every horse and has such inner fire emerge. It is a rare few who truly come alive. The rest, however, are called and coaxed toward that flame. For some, they may only ever experience a brief glimmer. But for plenty of people, they feel the rush of soul within them around a horse, and they marvel in this joy and aliveness.

When you were young, you felt at home at the barn and around your horses. School and your house and even your friends felt empty, and when you couldn’t ride for periods in your life, this great loneliness encompassed your being. You were desperate to return to riding, return to the horses who filled you with aliveness and joy.

AMBER: Yes, as I imagine anyone who has such a great passion and connection would feel. I felt utterly incomplete without horses, and was convinced that the only way I could be happy was to have my own horse and be around them again.

FIONA: Yes, that is the calling of which we speak. The “passion” for horses so many of you experience. That is your inner flame set free.

AMBER: And horses choose to come in to do so?

FIONA: Yes, though much of this is unconscious, as I said before. Very powerful and awake horses may be aware of this deeper agreement. However, it is a soul-driven unity, an intention between species to help wake up the planet. There is much we do together that transforms the whole world. Even those reading this, with their own individual horses, contribute to such an awakening simply through their shared joy and partnership. It is a beautiful unfolding, and we horses are conscious of all of these ripples throughout All That Is.

That is why we are so comfortable together, so at home. But I caution you not to think of all horses simply as spiritual masters who came in for this work with humans. I assure you, we have our own lives, our own work, our own growth, our own balance to maintain, and these individual purposes are at the forefront to the greater goal of incarnation as a species. They are in congruence with that goal, but it is not the primary purpose of our lives just as you have your own paths to walk.

Moreover, we are not here to teach you in a specific way, to have you subdue your own wisdom for our own. That is why we are horses instead of balls of light or some such thing. We are horses because we are animals, instinct intact, so that we can preserve our own journeys and balance while partnering together. Do you understand what I mean by that?

AMBER: Yes, many people love and value their horses so deeply that they look to their horses as the source of authority for wisdom and teaching. They ask them to be a guru and show them the path to enlightenment, for example. Though I know and work with many masterful equines, I do not forget that they are horses. It is not our job to trade our own sovereignty and wisdom for that of another, and being in horse bodies while holding such a deeper purpose helps us humans stay in our own authority. We do not submit ourselves entirely to your will because you still eat and sleep and poop and even do irritating things at times. It is a balance between learning from our horses and maintaining our own inner guidance.

FIONA: Yes! Yes, that is it completely. You cannot give yourselves over to the way of the horse because you are not horses. If you were a tiny foal, you might learn from us as teachers, but we did not come here to tell you how to be human. We simply came here to help you remember who you really are. We are not your monks on a mountain, we are the magnifying glasses for your own divinity.

That does not mean we do not have lessons, for all of your relationships carry messages of great importance. And it does not mean that we do not have a deep bond or great purpose for partnering. But it does mean that you must still walk your own journey. We cannot and will not and do not want to “carry” you in that way. We will help you, guide you at times, reflect your true nature back to you, but we will not and cannot do the work for you. And you would not want us to, because then you would lose your own wildness. You would lose what makes you the greatest creators on the planet. You would lose your purpose for waking up: being who you truly are.

AMBER: Thank you for sharing this, Fiona, and explaining the importance of the understanding of that relationship. I know many people wonder about the deep connection we feel toward horses, and many people ask me why horses partner with humans. Most seem to feel that there is indeed some cosmic connection at work.

FIONA: Yes, there is truth in that as I have explained. However, the truer point is that you must not mistake that deeper purpose for the union of your lives together. You must still see the horse in front of you, with his or her own issues and challenges and gifts, and accept him or her as she is. You must still see yourself on your own life journey and spiritual voyage, and honor the unfolding. You must still see and acknowledge the hardships and areas of difficulty between you, not just as lessons the horse is teaching you – for that does not honor the deep instinct and evolution that governs our behavior – but as your own growing edges, your own opportunities for reflection of self, and as a way to better understand the nature of the life before you.

You see, there is not necessarily cosmic purpose to your horse bucking. He is not necessarily doing so to “teach” you how to stay grounded. However, simply by being in the presence of the horse, that inner fire is activated in you, which brings you the growth opportunities that bring you closer your own soul – your connection to All That Is. So it is cosmic on that level of spiritual growth, but not necessarily from the individual actions of that horse. He may be doing nothing but trying to tell you he is uncomfortable. You see the paradox, how both can exist at once – cosmic and individual purpose.

Some horses do come in more conscious and able to actively participate, but these horses do not actively do so until you’ve reached the point in your own growth where you can hear and understand their messages better – until you can truly see them for that paradox and honor both the personality and the soul.

You and I both learn from each other, and it was in fact you who lit the flame in me first. I am a guru horse now, of course, but it was not because I simply had magic powers which I used to transform you into who you are now. You did that on your own. In so doing, you allowed me to transform myself through our connection. That is beautiful. That is the gift that horses receive from this connection between species. Oneness. As the fire lights within you, you shine it back to us, and we both all brighter for this partnership of species.

AMBER: Thank you, Fiona.

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3 Replies to “Ask A Horse: Partnering with Humanity”

  1. Deb Johnson says: Reply

    At the beginning of every riding season, (as soon as I can feel my hands, without gloves in the spring) I have a goal for that year. For a long time, it was just trying to learn how to be safe, so I took a lot of horsemanship clinics and rode with some pretty amazing people. Then I realized, for my horse to do what I’m asking, I need to get out of her way by being balanced in the saddle. My back issues had become her back issues. Last year, softness and feel. Coming from my seat and legs and never pulling. This year? Connection. And maybe that’s where I should have started. I think children would get this stuff more easily than us older folk. Should would like to know what I need to do, feel and be with my own horses. I know being present is a big one. Ride that every step. Be that place of comfort your horse seeks. You take care of them, not the other way around. But I know there is a much deeper level to this. I have no idea how to get there. I can hear them, because they make it very clear when they want something and when they don’t. Like talking very slowly to a 2 year old who sometimes listens and sometimes is distracted by shiny things. So my question, how do we go deeper? Go past learning about body language and have that connection that is so rare?

    1. Hi Deb,
      What a wonderful approach you have by holding awareness for increasing your relationship and working on yourself. The hardest part of connection can be taking our head out of it, and letting that childhood piece come forward – the innocence, the pure desire and joy. That is the energy to which horses respond. Not over-exuberance, but earnest desire. We are mostly trained out of that state, particularly as we develop as riders and learn all of the technical aspects as well as care and management of horses. The overload of information drives us from that childlike state and into our intellect, concern, and strategizing. These aspects have their own gifts, but they remove us from a place of connection since we get much into our heads and out of our hearts. Children “get away” with a lot around horses because they are not distracted by such weight and the consequent internal discord that comes with that stress, so therefore horses see and trust them easily for their openness.

      Being present is the foundation for creating connection, certainly, but for some people this awareness becomes another avenue to intellectualize instead of just be. Find the fun, the playfulness of horses, and let that be your guide. It’s joy in its purest form. We’re so discouraged from silliness when it comes to horses, but they love to be silly and curious and mischievous, so when we can get there, we are joining them in friendship. We are open to them in this way. Toss out your agenda, even if the agenda is connection, and instead approach your time at the barn as you would going out for a drink with a friend. Bring your humor, your curiosity, your interest in their life and spend time with your horse from this place. Make space for silly things, like sitting on the grass while your horse grazes and having lunch together. Find games to play, like picking up a cone or finding which cup the treat is under or zipping and unzipping a zipper just to play with the sound and sensation together. Be weird together.

      The parts of you that are craving a deep connection with horses are also craving these joyful experiences, because that is truly the nature of deep connection. For all its profoundness, it is lightness at the core. Depth comes not from being serious, but from releasing the serious parts of ourselves to be our innate beings. Just as children can be. Horses are like children in many ways, but the place of connection is not the upset toddler mentality. That’s what happens when children – and horses- are overstimulated and constrained. Horses are, in their innate selves, goofy, friendly, easily-entertained, happy, and curious about their environment. Join them in that space and get distracted by shiny things, too, rather than trying to be the adult in the relationship. If you are the parent, you are not a partner.

      Once this relationship begins to develop, you will find that you have already made the necessary shift in perspective to allow depth to appear. You have created openness and freedom for self expression. When that door is open, and the horse can be his or herself around you, he or she will begin sharing more and more and you will be already in the space of listening because you enjoy hearing what your friend has to say. Sometimes we humans just get so used to doing all the talking with our goals and agendas and thoughts that our equine friends have to take drastic measures just to get a word in 😉 When it’s a conversation, both are contributing to the relationship and you’ll find that the oneness is already there.

  2. What a beautiful response! Thanks Amber and Fiona and Deb

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