Animal Guides & Soul Mates

Some animals just feel special. It’s not that we love others less, or that these “heart” animals never cause us grief, but certain animals seem to touch our lives in a deeper way than we expect. They are the ones we never forget.

People share stories of these special animal friends with me all the time, as if my presence as an animal communicator reassures them that the connection they felt could be real. They are often hesitant or almost worried about their feelings, as if they are projecting too much on to their animal’s behavior, and the depth of their connection wars with their rationale mind. Others are completely at home with the concept of their animal having “more” to them than meets the eye, and are completely convinced that every animal has a cosmic purpose to teach them something.

For all intents and purposes, every animal we encounter and live with has a special role in our lives. However, that doesn’t mean that each animal is here as some form of personal divine intervention; most of the time, our animal friends join us for companionship, love, joy, and partnership – all the reasons you might expect. They are with us because we are an energetic match and they wish to share the world with us, not because they’re bringing us a particular message or lesson from beyond.

That said, joy and love are the very nature of the divine, so in essence, all animals bring us closer to our own divinity. There’s really no such thing as “just an animal,” in this sense, because all of them carry pure positive energy which highlights that essence in our own makeup. Cosmic purpose, indeed!

Animals are also energetic mirrors. I’ve touched on this issue before, but it means that our energetic patterns are reflected in our animals; we bring out our own essence in them. Animals respond to this energy both behaviorally and physically, so they will mimic our issues in some form especially if we spend a great deal of time with them. A very literal example of this mirroring quality might be a person who feels very out of control in his life bringing out a bolting behavior in his horse, or a gifted counselor bringing out the soothing qualities of her canine friend. Though mirroring is a natural result of connection, this is a great gift from our animals as it allows us the opportunity for greater self-awareness and growth. We can honor them by doing our own work and ensuring that they have the joy they need to stay “themselves.”

Partnering with us in this way is extremely personal and purposeful, which is why I hold to the statement that all animals have a special role. After all, they choose to BE (to exist in energetic cohesion!) with us – with a particular human being. This choice from our animals to enter my life or yours is just as profound and meaningful as when we choose our human mates, so there is absolutely a connection that transcends the mundane. Animals make these choices before they are born, so there is an element of fate or deeper purpose as well even in the simplest relationships. Truly, we are blessed to call any animal our friend.

Very occasionally, we are also graced with the presence of those who do seem to have “more” to them. These are the animals who feel like twin souls. The ones who are just what we need them to be. The ones who help us find our way back to ourselves, and show us our own strength through their love. They seem to possess an understanding beyond words, and usually they have a magnetic quality that enchants those around them. We might call them our “heart” animals, or soul friends/mates.

These angelic animals enter our lives as part of an agreement or understanding between souls, one which was formed prior to our birth. Some are beings we encountered in past lives with whom we retain a strong connection. Others are guides who have taken physical form to support us in some way, or to help us learn and access a greater level of consciousness. These beings join us for a purpose greater than our conscious awareness, and our connection to them goes deeper than words. They feel as if they are a part of us, perhaps the missing piece we never knew we were looking for. With them, we feel whole.

I have been accompanied by at least three animals of this nature. The first was a horse aptly named Theology, who was my companion as a teenager. He carried me through many difficult years, kept me Who I Was in a formative time, and laid me in the capable hands of the next: my beloved dog, Sirius. Sirius is one of my guides, and it was only through his love that I survived my youth. He was named after the dog star, the brightest in the sky, and that’s what he was to me: my beacon of light in a time of utter darkness. He saved my life numerous times. I’m not sure it’s possible to love anything more than I loved him. It’s been five years since his death, and I still weep! For years, I couldn’t even consider another dog because Sirius was simply irreplaceable. He brought me to the point of my own awakening, sheltering me until I was strong enough in myself that I didn’t need to lean on him anymore.

The third is of course my beloved Fiona, who is a very special guide. After all, it was she who inspired the first equine soul healings and planted the seed that I could use this work to help others. She lights my path in a very literal way, and works in close partnership with me for all of the energy and soul work I do. She is my partner on the other side, my anchor, and my companion in my life’s work.

Because I am conscious of my connection with her and her higher aspects, my relationship with Fiona is much different than with Sirius or Theo. We discuss all matters of the universe and I ask for her counsel – not as a horse, of course, but from the higher being that she is. That’s an important distinction to make, because when we encounter these types of animals, it’s easy to ascribe them greater intelligence and self-responsibility than they are capable of. Make no mistake: guide or not, they are here in the form of animals, and we must treat them with those same expectations. Sirius still got into the garbage if I was careless, and Fiona will still maul me for treats. The “higher” portion of them is not usually at the helm of the animal’s conscious, active brain.

In fact, Fiona had no concept for anything un-horse-related until she had a head injury that allowed her to access greater awareness. Were I unable to communicate with her directly, she would seem to be a normal horse that was particularly charismatic and felt good to be around. Treating her differently than her equine nature suggests would be a disservice to that higher part of her, because it would not be honoring all of who she is in this lifetime. She chose this form for a reason, after all, and the best thing I can do is to respect that choice.

I have connected with a handful of other animals who have this same “extra” presence to them. The human companions to these animals are often aware on some level, or at least wonder about it. Sometimes the animal asks me to confirm this to them.

It’s important to note that this higher connection doesn’t preclude any other forms of a special relationship. I almost hesitate to write about this subject because it’s easy to think that you’ve either got a soul-mate animal, or not, and that anything less-than that is “just an animal.” We’ve already established that there’s no such thing! Moreover, I know plenty of people who have deep, one-mind type relationships with animals who are not guides or past life connections, and their bonds are extremely special. Perhaps they are at the beginning of a journey together that will connect their souls for future work, or perhaps they are just experiencing what they came here to share: love and joy on planet earth.

You may always ask for guidance in the form of an animal, if that feels right to you. Open your heart and create the space for an animal companion, and hold an intention of asking that you share a soul connection. One will come to you. Remember Fiona’s story – the animal doesn’t have to be born after you make this request for it to work. He or she might just waiting for the right moment for your paths to cross.

What ever your animals’ essences or purposes may be, cherish your wonderful friends for all that they bring to your life. In so doing, you join them in their great love for the world and the delight of living here with you.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I too had an experience of a “Soul Connection” with a dog named Russell! He was at a foster home for Bassett Hounds. My husband and I went there to look for a cute, long eared, lovable younger dog. While we were looking at one, all of a sudden this older, short eared Bassett poked his nose under my elbow. I turned and looked into his eyes. He said to me – Take me!!! I knew immediately he was the one. We only had him for a few years as he had a stage 4 heart murmur but I cherish those years. Even after he died, I would put my hand down next to my bed and know that he was there for me to pet!

    1. What a wonderful story, Jan. Thank you for sharing. <3 Sometimes animals come in for only a short time to help us during periods that we most need their guidance. It's the quality of the connection, not the time, that matters. They're often just as happy to pop out and join with us without their physical limits when the time times, hanging around for as long as we need them in spirit. I'm glad you had such a meaningful connection!

  2. What a sweet entry. I’m a pet sitter. I go to pet’s houses to sit while their companions go away. I develop my own relationship with them, but every one of them experiences sadness when their person leaves, and exuberant joy when their people return. It seems to me that animals love in such complete and honest ways, that it allows us humans to be free to touch deeply into our own aliveness and our own ability to care. I live in a community where I know lots of pets and their people. I see the deep bonds of caring and am deeply moved by them. They wind their way into my heart as well. I miss the Niko and Sirius that have lived with me and the relationship they had with each other. They have brought great joy to my life even now. Amber, thanks for sharing your deep wisdom with us. I have learned so very much about animals from you.

  3. Just going out now to drum with my soul herd to honour the passing of my angel, soul mate, kindered spirit , best friend AKA: Madison ⭐️⭐️ Divinity and Star the donkeys also part of the soul herd

  4. Beautiful, and rings true for me. Thank you.

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