Have you ever wondered if it’s really okay to ride horses? Have you ever sought answers about how (or if!) we can truly partner with our equine friends, treating them with respect and kindness, yet still enjoy a sport together? Have you sought a meaningful connection with your horse, but found that he or she doesn’t seem to reciprocate your efforts? Have you found yourself morally challenged by your sport or the equestrian authorities in your riding life? You’ve come to the right place. This blog is for heart-centered equestrians who seek a better relationship and way of working with their horses.

You’re invited to revisit the world through the eyes of the horse and shift your perspective about your partnership together. You will have the opportunity to hear directly from horses on a variety of subjects, including riding and human interaction, as well as through deeper messages equine wisdom. You will find stories of horses and people who have changed their relationships through communication and self-awareness and learn to create these changes with your own horse and self. You will expand your vision of what is possible both with your horse and in your own life, as you gain insight into equine nature and all life on Earth through the eyes of a shaman.

Most of all, you will have the space to open yourself to a different kind of connection – not one based on submission, but on respect and heartfelt compassion for the soul beside you and the one which resides within you.horse_show

I am a horse shaman. This is my work.

Amber Crane

Amber is a lifelong rider and horseman with decades of experience with the sport horse world, as well as a shaman, animal communicator, and soul guide. Her work as a horse shaman exemplifies the union between these deep passions, as she is able to help horses heal in body and soul just as she does with people. Amber’s unique perspective, a blend of both the sport and spiritual realms, offers equestrians insight about partnering with horses in ways which support success under saddle as well as fulfillment for both horse and human.